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Rubber Stone Blends

Our Coloured rubber is the #1 rated EPDM in the world
Rubber Stone is the world’s leading specialist for high-quality innovative and environmentally compatible granule solutions.
A Better Solution to Paving or Replacing Your Driveway & Walkways
Beauty and function come together in a rubber overlay designed to minimize the impact of steady activity. Whether you want to create a beautiful space or you’re simply looking to add a safer surface in areas prone to slippery conditions, Rubber Stone is flexible enough to meet your needs. Made of the highest quality recycled and EPDM rubber and a strong polyurethane binding agent, it is not only a durable option, but a beautiful and versatile option for covering interior and exterior concrete, asphalt, tile, and more.

Rubber Stone Colour Blends

Options & Benefits

The benefits and application options are endless!

Our Resurfacing Products

Designed for any region across North America, Rubber Stone and Sierra Stone ensure that your driveways, sidewalks, garages, pool areas, and so much more are both beautiful and functional.

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